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The “Mode de Vie” philosophy is simple: a pure approach to our natural passion of designing and manufacturing a line founded on the basic concept of treating you and your skin with the respect you both deserve.

With ingredients like organic shea butter, seaweed, seamud, essential oils, clay , our specially formulated products encourage your skin function at its peak.

We will always carefully screen each product to ensure it meets our strict and high quality standards.

This is our pledge to you !
Feature Products
  • Shea butter Lip Balm Vanilla

    Shea butter Lip Balm Vanilla

    A Long Lasting Relationship… “Karite Lips” Shea Butter Lip Balm with Vanilla extract. In 1990 Mode de Vie developed a lip balm with a high percentage of Shea Butter. It’s a lip balm that moisturizes and protects your lips without dooming you to an endless cycle of re-application. Not only does Shea Butter moisten and protect your lips, its high concentration of special ingredients Cinnamic acid , Latex, Unsaponifiable matter and vitamin) helps to provide a protective barrier from the harsh elements, locking moisture into the skin of the lips, while preventing them from drying out and becoming chapped.

  • Shea butter Lip Balm Cappuccino

    Shea butter Lip Balm Cappuccino

    Our Cappuccino shea butter lip balm penetrates deep to hydrate and lock moisture in. Unlike the rest of your body the skin on your lips has no oil glands. So when the lips get dried out they are unable to rehydrate themselves. Mode de Vie Cappuccino lip balm is made with natural emollients and a hint of vanilla. We use a single blend of shea butter mixed with green coffee extract in this invigorating lip balm.Try the universally appreciated aroma of Cappuccino or Xpresso to add excitement to your lips. The perfect way to nourish, protect and moisturize your lips.

  • Shea Butter Lip Balm Red Tango

    Shea Butter Lip Balm Red Tango

    Red Tango lip balm Tinted Shea butter lip balm as just good as the original Tahitian vanilla "Karite Lips'". Conditions,heals, protects, soothes and softens lips plus a red tint and all natural sheen from natural ingredients:Mica & Iron oxyde.

  • Karite Oil (100% pure Liquid Shea Butter) Unscented

    Karite Oil (100% pure Liquid Shea Butter) Unscented

    Karite oil 6oz is 100% liquid Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii). When Mode de Vie decided to develop our liquid oil 100% pure Shea Butter we wanted to make sure that our customers would receive the highest quality oil we could provide them. That is why we obtain this unique product through low temperature crystallization from selected shea butter.Karite Oil contains 9% unsaponifiable lipids which help to nourish the skin and hair. We recommend daily use for dry skin & damaged hair. This oil will help reduce irritation on the skin and leaves your hair feeling healthier and more manageable. It's also makes an excellent massage oil, providing the therapeutic benefit of essential oils.